Who We Are

Compact Imaging has developed and patented a miniature optical sensor technology called MROTM for the rapidly growing biometric security and mobile health monitoring markets. These markets require small, low-cost, battery-powered non-invasive sensors that can deliver meaningful biometric information from inside the body. MRO addresses this need. MRO was born out of the Compact Imaging team’s extensive experience designing opto-electronic systems for Agilent, Coherent, HP Labs, IBM and the Livermore and Los Alamos National Laboratories. Our ongoing research collaboration with the Tissue Optics and Micro-Circulation Imaging (TOMI) laboratories at National University of Ireland, Galway, has added extensive world-class scientific expertise to the development of MRO.

Leadership Team

The Compact Imaging team includes Ph.D. physicists, engineers and digital signal processing specialists both at our Mountain View offices and with our research collaborations in Ireland.

The team is experienced in technology development and licensing in the areas of optical systems, small opto-electronic devices and advanced signal and image processing techniques. The Company’s technologists have received industry and scientific recognition for their inventions, research and technical accomplishments at leading technology companies and academic research institutions. They have been widely published and are named inventors on over 70 US and foreign patents and patent applications.

Don Bogue

Don Bogue, CEO

High tech leadership, marketing, finance, business development. Successful serial consumer device/service entrepreneur. Secondary focus on IP development, protection, licensing.

Josh Hogan

Josh Hogan, PhD, Founder and CTO

Doctorate in Solid State Physics, University of Ulster. > 50 US patents, including many in areas of CI development. Project Scientist, HP Labs: small opto-electronic systems (e.g., DVD+RW).

Carol Wilson, PhD, Founder and Head of Engineering

Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley. Engineering awards from HP, IBM (Fellow) and multiple US patents. IBM, HP Labs, Agilent: small opto-electronic systems (e.g., DVD+RW).

Michael Hee

Dr. Michael R. Hee, MD, PhD and Chief Medical Officer

Harvard Medical School. Practicing ophthalmologist. Clinical instructor, UCSF. Doctorate in Computer Science, MIT. Significantly involved in development of first ophthalmic OCT system at MIT.

Key Advisors

Mark Wieland

Dr. Mark R. Wieland, MD, Retinal Specialist

Practicing ophthalmologist and retinal surgeon. CEO and Clinical Research Dir., Retina-Vitreous Assoc. Medical Group. Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Stanford University.

James Taylor

James L. Taylor, MSA, CEO, 2CTech

Formerly President and CEO, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. Commercialized OCT for Zeiss in early 2000s. Now launching innovative retinal therapeutic.

Martin Leahy

Prof. Martin Leahy, DPhil

Chair, Applied Physics, National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG). Scientific Dir., Tissue Optics and Microcirculation Imaging Labs (TOMI). Pioneering researcher in OCT imaging of microvasculature.

Andrew Filler

Andrew L. Filler, BSME, JD, Director, IP Licensing, 3LP Advisors LLC

Formerly general and chief patent counsel Nanosys and Caliper Life Sciences. Named one of top two corporate IP attorneys in 2011 by SV Business Journal. Significant IP licensing, strategy and litigation experience.










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